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Developer IBM

Statistical Product and Service Solutions, IBM SPSS Statistics Base Desktop, is among the most widely used program for statistical analysis ...

WOT Statistics

Developer WOT Statistics Dvelopment Team

WOT Statistics will allow you to monitor your progress in World Of Tanks. It will show you detailed ...

Cricket Statz

Developer Red Axe Software

Cricket Statz Pro is the most advanced cricket statistics software available to those that are serious about their ...

Statistics Problem Solver

Developer Runiter Company

Statistics Problem Solver is a simple application intended for statistics students that has the ability to solve many ...

Minitab Express

Developer Minitab, Inc.

Minitab Express provides all the tools you need to teach introductory statistics, including Probability Distributions, Summary Statistics, ...

Fast Statistics

Developer Fatesoft.com

Fast Statistics is a statistical analysis program for Microsoft Excel. It is an add-in and also a stand-alone software, so there is no need to ...

Cricket Statistics for Windows

Developer GG's Club Cricket Software

Cricket Statistics for Windows requires an IBM or compatible PC with the following minimum specification: -80486 or Pentium ...

IBM SPSS Statistics - Essentials for R

Developer SPSS, an IBM Company

This material enables IBM SPSS Statistics users to run code written in the R language inside Statistics. ...

Management by Statistics

Developer MasterTech Computer Products International, Inc.

It is designed to manage an entire business and track all of the statistics you need. It’s a simple, rapid way to get your ...

Exchange Server Mailbox Statistics Tool

Developer Srinath Sadda

Exchange Server Mailbox Statistics Tool is an application designed to retrieve statistics for all or selected ...


Developer BettingInfo.net

Programme for analyzing sports statistics. Auto result updates. Match statistics. Detailed team information. ...

ForCoach Statistics

Developer ForCoach.com

ForCoach Statistics is an easy-to-use program for recording players' actions and events while game playing and making ...


Developer Pavel Amialiushka

Count Your Time collects and analyzes PC usage statistics during the specified time period. All statistics is shown to a user ...

BLOB Statistics

Developer UnifiedDBTools Software

BLOB Statistics is a tool for collecting, viewing and analyzing information about stored BLOB data. You can use BLOB Statistics to find out ...

WebCab Probability and Statistics for .NET

Developer WebCab Components

This suite consists of six packages: Statistics, Discrete Probability, Standard Probability Distributions, Curve ...